Monday, March 31, 2014

Royal Resemblance ?

Could there be a Royal resemblance in our family?  Most of you have probably seen the recently released photo of the Royal Family.  To me, it is a beautiful portrait, and isn't Prince George a cutie?  I can just picture him crawling around on the floor, trying to catch the dog.  A portrait such as this seems relevant in 2014 and I'm glad they chose to keep it so "everyday",  as opposed to formal and stuffy.

Yes, I thought the portrait was a great way to represent the Royals, but the first thing I saw when I looked at it, was a resemblance to my niece, Callie Jane.  She had the same sweet face when she was his age.  Hopefully Prince George will have a similar spirited personality as Callie.

Although Callie is a girl, and George is a boy, I think their profile is very similar.  She had a difficult start to life, but I've always known there was something special about this little girl.


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joyce said...

I love this post Val!! I saw this in the news today and felt the same way you did about the comfortable photo and a reflection of how this young couple wants to live their lives. And, I so agree with you about baby Callie, she sure does resemble the royal baby, they're so both so darn cute, you just want to pick them up and smooch on them.