Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July and a Look Back

I remember referring to today as Independence Day, but it seems to be most commonly referred to as "the 4th of July" by everyone.  Where we live, the City puts on a huge fireworks display (Red, White and Boom) the night before the 4th.  It's attracts a big crowd, is typically really hot, and we choose to stay home.   But it's still a great day of celebration when we grill, have our first corn on the cob of the season, and eat some watermelon!

Our neighborhood had a little parade last weekend, and it reminded both my husband and I of when our granddaughter was much younger and we decorated her bicycle and American Girl doll so she could ride in the parade.  

Here's a look back 7 years ago to 4th of July, 2006.  If you've been scrapping for a long time, you might remember this line of paper and accessories from Elsie Flannigan.  I created this layout of Eryn and her bicycle, all decorated for the parade.  Although my style has changed a lot since then, I still love looking at old layouts and the memories they bring back.  Things sure have changed since then......she is driving a car now!  

"Got the Girl, Got the Bike, and There She Goes!" 

Circa 2006

Enjoy your holiday, everyone!  
I hope you have Friday off and can have a long weekend.  


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Davi said...

Love the LO, lots of fun elements to go with your sweet granddaughter :) Happy Independence Day!!