Thursday, March 28, 2013

Remembering Easter

There is great debate over the definition of vintage versus antique.  I prefer to call this photo of my mother and siblings "vintage".  Somehow, it just sounds better (and not quite so old).  I remember Easter as a child, when we would all wear our new spring dresses to church.  The ensemble included white gloves, a hat (possibly referred to as an Easter bonnet), shoes, socks, and a white purse, of course.

None of our Easter goodies, provided by the Easter Bunny, were hidden.  I suppose since there were five of us, the hide-and-seek aspect might have been a little overwhelming.  Our baskets were always lined up on on the table waiting for us when we got up that morning.  I can remember finding jelly beans hiding in that plastic grass for what seemed like weeks.  There was always a hollow chocolate bunny in the basket, along with some Peeps.  We didn't receive a whole package of unopened Peeps, but a strip of them.  If they weren't eaten soon, they quickly became stale, which is probably why I love stale Peeps to this day!  Gotta open that package and let them get good a hard before eating them. 

I recently had hundreds of old photos, VCR tapes, negatives, and slides preserved by sending them away to Scan Cafe.  The images were turned into digital images on a DVD, and the videos were also preserved on DVDs.  I had read about this company on another blog somewhere, and decided it was time to box up everything and send them away. 

Sure, I have a scanner, but I just don't have the time to scan everything.  It's kind of a frightening thing to do, because there were a lot of memories in that box.  But Scan Cafe was very easy to use and I had to trust them.  I did not pay the additional cost to keep them in the US, which would have resulted in quicker turn-around.  I was really in no big hurry.  So off to India they went.  It took 6 months to get them back, but it was well worth it.  I'm so excited to have these digital images!

If you're interested, I would suggest you get on their mailing list.  That's what I did.  I waited until they had a sale, and took advantage of it, which saved me quite a bit.  But their sales are only good for a few days, so while you're waiting for one, go ahead and pull together everything you want scanned so it's ready to go when they have a good offer.  Everything I sent to them came back the exact way I sent it.  I put groups of things in separate envelopes, so they named the folder what I had written down.  It was very organized when I got the DVDs back.

I used one of the photos to create this layout which shows my mother, sisters, and I on Easter morning.  I am the oldest (and tallest) of the children.

I used the C'est Magnifique April kit to create this layout.  The patterned paper for April is the "Alma's Sewing Line" from Pion Designs (a Swedish Company).  I think it's lovely with a vintage feel to it. 

So, do you have any memories of Easter as a child? - even if they're not quite as "vintage" as mine?


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