Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Day!

It is snowing like crazy here today.  It's predicted that we will receive 6-12 inches of snow.  Six inches is manageable, but twelve is a different story.  Thankfully today is a work holiday for me, so I can stay home.  I feel bad for those who have to go out in this.  It's the perfect day for a blanket and a book!

Kiefer had a great Christmas.  He was pretty lazy all day.  He even fell asleep on Mark's lap while we were unwrapping gifts.  He received a new bed which he is sleeping in right now.  It's a little bigger than his old one just "in case" we ever get another dog.  If so, they could sleep in it together!  He also got a new pad for his crate.  He's going to love it since he likes to sleep in there during the day.  This one has some nice padding.  That's it.  No new toys because he gets those all during the year.

Here he is posing by the Christmas tree right before we opened gifts yesterday.  He's so handsome!


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